Top 10 Largest European Countries Today and in 50 Years

United Kingdom:The third largest on our list of European countries is the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom, the population is currently 67,736,802.

Ukraine:The Ukraine has a population of 36,744,634. Ukraine is the 7th largest of the European countries. Their land area is 579,320 km2, with 63 people per km2. 

Spain:The sixth largest European country is Spain. In Spain, the population is 47,519,628. Their land area is 498,800 km2, so they have 95 people per km2. 

Russia:The largest of the countries in Europe is Russia. In Russia, the population is 144,444,359. Their land area is 16,376,870 km2, so they have 9 people per km2. 

Romania:In Romania, the population is 19,892,812. Their land area is 230,170 km2, so they have 86 people per km2. 

Poland:The largest European countries include Poland, at number 8. Poland has a population of 41,026,067. Their land area is 306,230 km2, so they have 134 people per km2. 

Netherlands:The Netherlands is number ten on our list of the largest European countries. In the Netherlands, there is a population of 17,618,299.

Italy:Italy has a population of 58,870,762. This population ranks them as number 5 of the largest European countries. Their land area is 294,140 km2, so they have 200 people per km2.

Germany:Germany has a population of 83,294,633. Out of the ten largest countries in Europe, Germany ranks as the second largest. Their land area is 348,560 km2, so they have 239 people per km2. 

France:Number four on our list of the ten largest countries in Europe is France. In France, the current population is 64,756,584. Their land area is 547,557 km2, so they have 118 people per km2.

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