Top 10 largest flying birds in the united states

Whooping Crane – 7’7”:At a height of 5’ 3’’ and a wingspan of 7’ 7’’ the whooping crane ties with the golden eagle in wingspan. 

Trumpeter Swan – 8’2”:The trumpeter swan is the second largest bird in the U.S., with a maximum wingspan of 8’ 2.’’ It is the largest waterfowl in North America. 

Magnificent Frigatebird – 8’:The magnificent frigatebird is a tropical giant that ranges as far west as Baja California, Mexico, and as far east as Cape Verde, Africa. 

Laysan Albatross – 6’6’’: It measures eight inches smaller than the black-footed albatross, at a maximum wingspan of 6’ 6’’. 

Great Blue Heron – 6’5”:The great blue heron eats primarily fish, and hunts in all sorts of bodies of water: rivers, marshes, lakes, and the ocean.

Golden Eagle – 7’7’’:The first raptor (bird of prey) on this list is the golden eagle. They live in North America, Europe, Asia, and even some parts of Africa.

California Condor – 9’10″:The California condor is a scavenger, traveling up to 160 miles in search of carrion. 

Brown Pelican – 7’6″:The brown pelican is the smallest species of pelican, but still measures in at a stunning maximum wingspan of 7’6’’.

Bald Eagle – 7’5’’:Of course, the national bird of the United States has to have a spot on this list. Measuring in at 7’ 5’’ the bald eagle is only two inches smaller than the golden eagle. 

American White Pelican – 9′:The American White Pelican has a big 9-foot wingspan, making it an outstanding flyer. 

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