Top 10 Most Colorful Fall-Blooming Flowers in Connecticut

Russian Sage: the Russian sage is a hardy perennial in the mint family. With long-lasting blooms, this is sure to be a great addition to the garden from midsummer to fall. 

Pansies:This flower ranges from deep purples to bright, bombastic yellows, and the iconic tricolor variants lend a unique splash to a garden.

New England Asters:They are well-draining and versatile plants, though they are known to be aggressive and take over other plants in gardens, so watch out for that.

Montauk Daisy:Blooming from late summer to fall, the Montauk daisy, or the Nippon daisy, is a simple but show-stopping flower to brighten up your fall garden.

Monkshood: They bloom from late summer to fall and are hardy, preferring cool summers. It grows in the sun and in partial shade.

 Golden Glow:Aptly nicknamed the ‘golden glow’, these bright vibrant yellow blooms are sure to spice up any garden in the late summer to fall months. 

 Chelone:The chelone or pink turtlehead is a graceful, elegant flower that typically blooms from late summer to autumn.

Black-eyed Susans:These sunny yellow blooms bring a splash to any garden, blooming in late spring to early fall. As a plus, these plants are hardy and low maintenance. 

Autumn Joy Sedum:The sedum, or the stonecrop, is a popular flower known for its late summer to autumn blooms that range from deep reds to light pinks.

Autumn Crocus:The autumn crocus should be planted mid to late summer for fall blooms and enjoy full sun. 

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