Top 10 Most Dangerous Places in Georgia

Tallulah Falls, GA:Tallulah Gorge spans almost 1,000 feet deep and also extends across two miles inside the massive state park. 

Savannah, GA:Savannah is relatively safer from violent and property crime than the other cities you will see on this list.

Macon, GA:Macon averages a crime rating of 59.41 for every 1,000 residents, according to Crime Grade.

Forest Park, GA:Forrest Park does not make many lists in Georgia. However, it does stand as one of the most dangerous places in Georgia.

Cordele, GA:Cordele has approximately 11,000 residents in their town. Yet, they have had a bad history with crime over the past decade.

College Park, GA:College Park has some violent crime that makes it dangerous to be near. Ultimately, 21.46 per every 1,000 residents have suffered from violent crimes, according to Security Gauge Neighborhood Scout.

Chattahoochee National Forest:The unpredictable factors of animals and other elements make the Chattahoochee National Forest one of the most dangerous places in Georgia.

Augusta, GA:Augusta also has deadly highways that make it dangerous to travel. Additionally, it is not just the fatal accidents that make it dangerous. 

Atlanta, GA:Atlanta is the biggest and most popular city on this list. Thus, it is not a surprise to see it land in this article. Atlanta deals with numerous elements that make it dangerous.

Albany, GA:There is another Albany. Yes, this one is in Georgia. Albany has the unfortunate honor of being on this list due to its high crime rate. 

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