Top 10 Most Obese Countries in Asia

United Arab Emirates:The harsh, hot weather is a culprit as it keeps people from being outside. Outdoor activities contribute to healthier lifestyles and in turn, can keep people from becoming obese. 

Turkey:Without sounding like a broken record, the contributing factor to why Turkey is more obese than other countries is mainly a sedentary lifestyle. 

Syria:Syria’s ongoing conflicts that have devastated the country have ensured that many Syrians are malnourished. Many Syrians have no access to food or water, even. 

Saudi Arabia:The Saudi government has enacted programs that encourage people to eat healthier, for example switching a popular food in Saudi Arabia called kabsa for a healthier alternative like kale. 

Qatar:Qatar is one of the most obese countries in the Middle East and there are several reasons why. The major culprit is Qatar’s sedentary lifestyle but there are many more problems. 

Lebanon:The Lebanese government has also noticed this concerning trend and has launched campaigns to combat obesity.

Kuwait:Kuwait is the most obese country on this list. There are several reasons as to why that is. It is said that people in Kuwait love fast food.

Jordan: Jordan ranks fourth in the Middle East when it comes to obesity among men. a total of 29.17% of the male population is obese and Jordan. 

Iraq:Obesity in Iraq has been an increasing problem over the years, increasing by double digits in the past 25 years.

Bahrain:Bahrain has long known that obesity is a problem in the country. That is why over the past nearly 10 years, the country has undergone various campaigns to combat obesity.

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