Top 10 Most Recommended Types of Pet Geckos

Tokay Gecko:Tokay geckos are particularly feisty and fierce! Having gained a reputation for being speedy, quick to bite, and almost a bit of a jerk, this pet will test you!

Mourning Gecko:Their unique reproductive process sadly makes this species a popular food source for larger reptilian pets. But they make incredible pets themselves!

Leopard Gecko:Likely the most popular type of gecko to keep as a pet, Leopard Geckos are beautifully colored with great personalities!

Leachie Gecko:Leachie geckos are a great pet for those with some experience caring for reptiles and geckos more specifically.

Giant Day Gecko:As their name would suggest, giant day geckos are the second largest type of gecko on this list behind leachie geckos.

Gargoyle Gecko:Another very popular species of geckos due to their coloration and personality are the gargoyle gecko! 

Frog-Eyed Gecko:Frog-eyed geckos are the perfect pet for someone who has some experience with keeping geckos, as they’re not as tough as some others.

Fat-Tailed Gecko:The fat-tailed gecko is a slightly less common type of gecko kept as a pet, but still makes for great companions!

Crested Gecko:Nearly matching the popularity of leopard geckos, crested geckos are another commonly kept pet!

Chinese Cave Gecko:Chinese cave geckos are an incredibly interesting type of geckos, being mainly carnivorous and preferring insects to fruit. 

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