Top 10 Most Valuable Crops Harvested in North Carolina

 Wheat:This Southeast state harvests 375,000 acres of wheat, yielding 64 bushels an acre. For a total of 24 million bushels in 2022, North Carolina produced $201,600,000.

Watermelons:Out of the 7,700 acres planted, North Carolina harvested 7,600 acres of watermelon in 2022, producing $56,016,000 for the year. 

Tobacco:North Carolina harvested 116,160 acres of tobacco in 2022 and produced $524,349,000. While tobacco production has declined by 28% in North Carolina, the crop still accounts for 3.3% of its farm cash receipts.

Sweet Potatoes:North Carolina is known for its sweet potatoes, and for good reason. The state harvested 83,700 acres of sweet potatoes in 2022 for a value of $225,005,000. 

Soybeans: Soybeans are the most significant row crop in the state, with most of its acreage located in the coastal plain in Eastern North Carolina.

Peanuts:Out of the 117,000 acres planted, farmers harvested 116,000, for a total of 4,400 pounds per acre. Out of the 510 million pounds produced, North Carolina made a total of $135,766,000 in 2022.

 Hay:North Carolina harvested 656,000 acres of hay in 2022, yielding 2.21 tons per acre and producing $198,440,00. 

Cotton:Upland cotton accounted for 460,000 harvested acres, yielding 1,049 pounds per acre. This cotton harvest produced $437,760,000 in 2022. 

Corn:The state harvested 785,000 acres of corn (grain) for a value of $726,989,000 in 2022. Corn makes up around 5.5% of farm cash receipts and is primarily grown in the coastal plains of the state.

Blueberries:Blueberries make up 0.4% of agricultural income in North Carolina, harvesting 7,500 acres and producing $69,650,000 in 2022.

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