Top 10 Natural Springs in Florida 

Wekiwa Springs:Wewika Springs is more than just another conglomeration of natural springs in Florida. There are nearly 17 miles of hiking trails surrounding the water.

Wakulla Springs:Natural Springs in Florida don’t all look alike. For instance, Wakulla Springs looks more like a marshland in some areas than it does a traditional spring.

Vortex Springs:Vortex Springs is one of the few natural springs in Florida that is near the western panhandle. However, it’s every bit a match for some of the most beautiful springs throughout the state.

Silver Glen Springs:Located in Ocala National Forest, Silver Glen Springs is a fantastic spot for some nature-watching and swimming recreation.

Rainbow Springs:Rainbow Springs is definitely out there so, don’t expect to have much of a cell signal. Rainbow Springs is loaded with amenities as well.

Madison Blue Spring:Madison Blue Spring often finds its way onto the top five lists of best natural springs in Florida. It’s a famous spring, sitting close to Suwanee River State Park. 

 Ichetucknee Springs:Ichetucknee Springs State Park contains one of the best Natural Springs in Florida. This place is a huge recreational draw for both locals and tourists.

Ginnie Springs:Ginnie Springs is one of the few natural springs in Florida that’s not a part of a state park or a national park. 

Gilchrist Blue Springs:The springs are surrounded by a large number of campsites, most of which accommodate RVs and some of which accommodate tent campers who prefer a more primitive experience.

 Devil’s Den:This stunning natural wonder isn’t visible on the surface. That’s right—it’s down in a cave. Unfortunately, tourists can’t just pour inside to have a look.

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