Top 10 Oldest Cat Breeds Ever

Turkish Angora:Turkish Angoras are ancient cats from central Turkey that were first documented in the 1600s C.E. Even though they’re fluffy and camouflage well in snow, they do not have an undercoat.

Siberian Forest Cat:The Siberian Forest cat is another natural breed originating in Russia. While it wasn’t officially recognized until the 1980s, it’s been around so long that it stars in Russian folklore.

Siamese:Siamese cats were first mentioned in the fifteenth-century Cat-Book Poems from Thailand. At that time, the region was called Siam, which is where their name originates. 

Norwegian Forest Cat:Vikings most likely brought Norwegian forest cats to Britain around a thousand years ago. Vikings kept cats on their boats to help control rodent populations.

Near Eastern Wildcat :Cats were first domesticated about 10,000 years ago somewhere in the Fertile Crescent. Later, additional breeds developed from other wild cat types. 

Korat:The Korat is another natural breed that originated in Thailand. It was also recorded in the Cat-Book Poems from the 1400s C.E. Europeans later documented them as blue Siamese around 1890 C.E.

Japanese Bobtail:They were the bestowers of good luck at the time. These cats are small in size and almost always weigh less than 10 pounds.

Egyptian Mau:Egyptian Maus are probably around 3,000 years old. Researchers believe that some of the spotted cats found in the tombs of pharaohs were Egyptian Maus.

Chartreux Cat:It’s thought that monks bred the Chartreux into silence and its quiet nature is still valued today. Monks also relied on these cats for pest control. 

Abyssinian:Abyssinians are well-known for their cinnamon or orangish coats and beautiful green eyes. The four recognized colors of these cats are ruddy, cinnamon, fawn, and blue. 

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