Top 10 Rare and Unique Husky Colors

White:White Huskies are some of the rarest Huskies you’ll see. In order to be fully white, a Husky needs two parents with the recessive white gene.

Splash:Splash, or pinto, Huskies are bi-colored, but with more white than most other dogs of that color combination. They appear to have “splashes” of color throughout their white coats.

Sable:Sable fur has light roots and dark tips, which can make a Husky look like they have two intertwined coat colors. This creates a marble effect.

Red tint:Red tint, or grizzled, Huskies have a red tint to their black fur. This typically happens from sun exposure, and the dogs are usually black and white in color.

Red and White:Red and white Huskies are similar to brown and white but with a deep orange-brown color. This color husky often comes with a pink nose instead of the usual black nose.

Isabella:Isabella Huskies are white with shades of fawn, or dilute red, in their coats. These aren’t seen by most as “true white” Huskies due to this added color.

Gray and White:Gray and white Huskies are very common! Like the others above, they have white markings with most of their gray fur on their backs, sides, and the tops of their heads.

Brown and white:Brown and white coats are caused by recessive genes, but they aren’t excessively rare. You’ll see them less than some other variations, however.

Black:Pure black Huskies aren’t the rarest out there, but they’re not super common either! Though the gene for black fur is dominant.

Agouti and White:Agouti and white Huskies look rather wolf-like! They have agouti, a wolfy gray, fur mixed with white fur.

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