Top 10 Rare Chicken Breeds

Vorwerk Chicken:The Vorwerk chicken originated in Germany and was created by Oskar Vorwerk in the 1900s. Oskar Vorwerk was not a poultry breeder but, in fact, a German engineer. 

Polverara Chickens:Polverara is a rare chicken that’s found in the town of Polverara in Italy. These chickens display a peppered blend of black and white feathers, adding to their charming appearance.

Onagadori Chicken:The Onagadori chicken is distinguished by its lengthy and striking plumage. Originating from Shikoku in Japan, its feathers can reach lengths of over 12 feet. 

Naked Neck Chicken:The Naked Neck chicken originated in Romania and has gained the interest of other people around the world.

Modern Game Chicken:Modern Game chickens display a slender physique, thin neck, and long legs. Some might compare these chickens to runway models as they confidently showcase their impeccable posture as they strut their stuff.

Ixworth Chicken:These birds, which were bred by Reginald Appleyard in the 1900s, weigh between 7-9 pounds and produce more than 200 eggs per year.

Golden Campine Chicken:The Golden Campine traces its roots back to medieval times. Originating from the Southeastern Netherlands and northeastern Belgium. 

 Dong Tao Chickens:The Dong Tao chickens, also known as Dragon Chickens, originate from the village of Dong Tao in Vietnam.

Crevecoeur Chickens:Crevecoeur chickens were initially bred with the purpose of providing meat and eggs. However, over time, their value grew significantly, and one would present these chickens as gifts to royalty. 

Ayam Cemani Chicken:Ayam Cemani chickens are easily recognized by their black appearance, including their feathers, skin, beak, and internal organs.

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