Top 10 Reasons Dogs Always Lick Your Face

To Show Empathy:Dogs are emotional creatures. If you have a poodle, labrador retriever, golden retriever, or German shepherd, you may own one of the most emotionally intelligent dog breeds.

To Make You Vomit:“One weird reason dogs lick their owner’s faces is that they are trying to get you to throw up your food. Puppies, coyotes, and foxes all like to lick their mother’s mouth after a hunt. 

To Learn More About Their World:Did you know a dog’s sense of smell, at its least, is 10,000 times more powerful than a human’s, and at most 100,000 times more powerful.

To Get Food:According to Ginger, “Stinky breath may make your dating life difficult, but dogs love the smell of stinky food. If they’re licking your mouth after a particularly pungent meal, they’re just trying to get a taste.”

To Feel Comforted:When they lick their owners, they may be seeking attention, comfort, or even indicating that they’re hungry or in need of something.”

To Communicate with You:Without words, dogs need to find another way to communicate. Out of all the creative ways they’ve found to get their wants and needs across, licking might be the cutest. 

It’s in their DNA:However they became domesticated, the behavior of licking faces remains rooted in their wolf counterparts. 

It’s a Sign that They’re Anxious:Just like some dogs dig into the couch, bite the legs of furniture, or pee inside, your dog may lick your face as a way to communicate that they’re anxious.

It’s a Sign of Affection:Dog temperaments vary by breed and individual, but it’s a pretty reliable thought to think that your dog is showing you love when they lick your face.

Because You Like It:“My own labradoodle, Cookie, takes licking to the next level. When I get home, she kisses my face like her life depends on it! She’ll lick for minutes straight if I let her. 

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