Top 10 Reasons Illinois Has the Best Lakes in the U.S.

1 : The size of these bodies of water is important when trying to find the right place to go swimming and boating in the state. 

2 : Fortunately, many of the lakes in Illinois have sandy beaches that people can enjoy.

3 : While day trips to the various bodies of water in the state can be fun, some people want to stick around longer. 

4 : Another one of the reasons Illinois has the best lakes in the U.S. is the multitude of environments surrounding them.

5 : The sandy beaches at many of the lakes in the state provide a great venue for celebrations, concerts, and festivals. The summer months in the Prairie State are packed with such events.

6 : Anglers love fishing in Illinois. The lakes in the state are packed with all kinds of trophy fish. Best of all, the lakes offer different types of fish for people to catch.

7 : The same applies to Lake Michigan, of course. The largest lakes tend to be the most accessible because towns tend to sprout up alongside good sources of water.

8 : These amenities make it easier to have a good time in the state without worrying about what could go wrong.

9 : People who want to completely escape busy cities and towns are also in luck. Many lakes in the state are within or near areas protected by the state. 

10 : These are just 10 reasons Illinois has the best lakes in the U.S., but others exist as well. The state may not have the biggest or most lakes, but the ones they have are high in quality. 

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