Top 10 Safest Countries in Asia

Vietnam: The crime rate in Vietnam is relatively low, especially for tourists. However, petty theft can still be common in crowded areas.

 Taiwan:Taiwan has a 24-hour eating culture, and most streets are crowded and safe throughout the night.

South Korea:While South Korea is prone to natural disasters, this country makes up for its safety in other ways. It is a very safe country for travelers due to its low crime rates. 

Singapore:This beautiful country has very little threat of natural disasters or political unrest. 

Qatar:The Middle Eastern country of Qatar features world-class infrastructure and a focus on public safety.

Mongolia:Along with its overall culture, Mongolia and its capital city is safe for residents and travelers.

Malaysia:Much like Singapore, Malaysia has a low crime rate due to harsh punishments and strict enforcement of the law. 

Kuwait:Located in Southwest Asia on the Arabian Peninsula, Kuwait is a country with very low crime rates, violent crimes, especially, are almost non-existent. 

 Japan:The Japanese are well known for their value of social harmony and their striving to avoid conflict. This peaceful way of life is clearly visible throughout the country.

Bhutan: Bhutan has a low crime rate, especially violent crimes. Even petty crime is rare in the country.

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