Top 10 Scenic Mountains In Missouri

Wildcat Mountain:It’s located right next to Taum Sauk Mountain in Taum Sauk State Park and it’s less than 20 feet shorter than Taum Sauk Mountain. 

Taum Sauk Mountain:Taum Sauk mountain is the tallest point in Missouri. It’s also one of only two mountains in Missouri that are actual mountains geologically. 

Proffit Mountain:It’s part of the Ozark Trail, so anyone hiking the Ozark Trail will hike from Proffit Mountain to the Taum Sauk Mountain. 

Mudlick Mountain:Mudlick Mountain is a very popular area for camping thanks to three all-stone cottages that even have built-in fireplaces and are available for campers. 

Knob Lick Mountain:Knob Lick Mountain might have one of the funniest names of any mountain in Missouri but it’s also got one of the best views from the peak. 

Ketcherside Mountain:Ketcherside Mountain and the Ketcherside Mountain Conservation Area are only a few miles away from Taum Sauk Mountain in the southern part of Missouri. 

Hughes Mountain: Hughes Mountain and the Hughes Mountain Natural Area are some of the most interesting places in Missouri to visit. 

Buford Mountain:Climbing Buford Mountain is tough because it’s heavily forested and there are a lot of rocky cliffs. 

Bell Mountain:Bell Mountain is home to more than 12 miles of the popular Ozark Trail, so if you’re hiking Bell Mountain in the spring and summer you’ll probably have a lot of company. 

Bald Knob Mountain: Bald Knob Mountain is named for the peak of the mountain that has no trees at all and provides great views.

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