Top 10 Senior-Friendly Walking Trails in Louisiana

Woldenberg Riverfront Park:The French Quarter River Walk is an easy 1.3-mile out-and-back trail popular for running, walking, and biking. It takes around 25 minutes to complete and is less busy in the early mornings. 

Tammany Trace Trail:The Tammany Trace Trail, or “The Trace,” as the locals call it, is a walking rail trail perfect for people of all ages.

Sugarmill Nature Trail:This path is a 1.2-mile loop trail that takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. It’s great for those wanting a quiet stroll through nature, and it also offers spots for fishing and birders.

New Orleans City Park South Loop:New Orleans City Park South Loop is a 4.2-mile loop trail that takes between an hour and 15 minutes and two hours to complete. 

Fontainebleau State Park:Sitting on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain in St. Tammany Parish, Fontainebleau State Park is 2,800 acres and a historic place famous for its old sugar cane plantation.

Driskill Mountain Trail: Driskill Mountain is the highest natural summit in Louisiana. It features an elevation of 535 feet above sea level in the Northern region of the state and its summit is marked by a pile of rocks. 

Bottomland Trail:On average, it takes an hour and 35 minutes to more than two hours to complete. It’s an excellent place for those wanting to find solace and quiet near the city.

Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge:The Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge is 15,000 acres of pine flatwoods and coastal marshes in Lacombe. 

Audobon Park :This municipal park is in Uptown New Orleans and covers about 350 acres, six miles from the city center. 

Acadiana Park Nature Station:The trail begins in the parking lot of the Acadiana Park Nature Station and loops its way across wooden walkways, marked paths, and bridges for a little more than four miles. 

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