Top 10 Silver-Producing Countries in the World

United States:The United States’s silver production started when significant silver deposits were discovered in multiple states.

Russia:Russia’s silver production is sometimes a primary product and other times a byproduct of other mining activities.

Poland: The country’s silver mines, specifically in the Tarnowskie Góry region, were vital to the European economy during the Middle Ages.

Peru:In 2021, Peru was the 24th silver exporter in the world, with only $230 million in silver exports.

Mexico:With a production of almost 200 million ounces of silver in 2022, Mexico ranks as the first producer of silver in the world.

China:China is the second-largest silver producer in the world. It is home to abundant mineral resources, including silver-bearing ores.

Chile:The country of Chile is known to be a copper production country. Copper is a crucial component of the Chilean economy as it is the world’s largest producer.

Bolivia:As for Peru, Bolivia’s history with silver production goes back to the colonial era. Potosi, Bolivia, was home to the famous Cerro Rico silver mine.

Australia:Australia is a significant producer in the silver industry. While it is not the largest producer, Australia maintains a substantial presence in the industry.

Argentina:In 2021, Argentina exported silver for $345 million with destinations to Switzerland, Canada, Germany, the United States, and Brazil.

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