Top 10 Smartest Animals on Earth

Raccoon:Raccoons learn at a faster rate than other animals and are thought to be smarter than dogs and even smarter than a toddler.

Pigs:Pigs are super smart. They easily navigate mazes, understand emotions, learn sign languages, and even have best friends with whom they prefer to spend time! 

 Pigeons:The winner matches the most tiles by best remembering where everything is on the board. Well, guess what? If you ever played memory with a pigeon, you’d probably lose and lose hard! 

Octopus: Mellow and chill, Otto wasn’t fond of the facility’s bright lights, so he took matters into his own…tentacles…and sprayed water on the overhead lamps to short-circuit them! 

Humans:We don’t mean to boast, but humans take the smartest animal cake. We have superior reasoning abilities and can manipulate environments in astounding ways. 

Elephant:Elephants rank among the largest terrestrial mammals, and they’re also some of the smartest animals on Earth! Famously, the pachyderms have incredible memories.

Dolphins:Dolphins are so smart they can mimic humans — and they even know how to cheat! Kelly, a research dolphin at the Marine Mammal Studies lab in Mississippi.

Crows:Crows have been known to remember faces they see for many years, mimic sounds, speak their own language, use tools, plan ahead, and solve complex problems. 

Chimpanzee:Chimps can recognize themselves in the mirror, speak sign language, use symbols for objects and combine them into a language, and make their own tools.

Alaskan Klee Kai:Alaskan Klee Kais look like miniature Huskies. Plus, they’re great at agility competitions. While they’re not the most sociable dogs on the scene, Alaskan Klee Kais are very bright. 

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