Top 10 Snake Species in Illinois

Western Fox Snake:The western fox snake is a type of rat snake. It is light brown with black spots. Western fox snakes are constrictors that eat mice and other small mammals.

Smooth Green Snake :Smooth green snakes are also called grass snakes. Unlike rough green snakes, they have smooth scales. They rarely bite and try to get away when they feel threatened. 

Scarlet snake:Scarlet snakes grow to 14-26 inches long. With red, black, and yellowish-white splotches on their backs, they are sometimes confused with venomous coral snakes.

Rough Green Snake :The rough green snake is, as the name implies, a bright green snake with a yellowish underside. They are very thin and grow to nearly 46 inches in length.

Prairie kingsnake:This snake is often mistaken for a rat snake. Its coloration is light brown or grey with dark brown or reddish-brown blotches. They can grow up to 40 inches long.

North American Racer:North American racers are also known as Eastern racers. They reach a length of up to 60 inches. Racers come in a variety of solid colors: black, brown, tan, blue, or green. 

Milk Snake:Milk snakes come in subspecies that can range from 14-72 inches long. They are smooth and shiny, with scales in patterns of red-black-yellow or white-black-red.

Great Plains Rat Snake:The Great Plains rat snake grows up to 5 feet long and is usually light gray or tan with blotches of dark gray, brown, or greenish gray down its back. 

Eastern Kingsnake :Eastern kingsnakes can grow quite large: up to 82 inches long. They are glossy black, bluish-black, or dark brown. 

Coachwhip:Coachwhips have thin bodies growing up to 72 inches long. They vary in color with their habitat, ranging from light brown to pinkish red. 

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