Top 10 Spiders in Pennsylvania

White-Banded Fishing Spider:Dolomedes albineus is also known as the white-banded fishing spider. It is a member of the nursery web spider family Pisauridae. 

Wetland Giant Wolf Spider:The wetland giant wolf spider, Tigrosa helluo, is one of several wolf spiders in Pennsylvania. 

Red-Spotted Orb Weaver:Adult red-spotted orb weavers measure between 3 and 5 millimeters long, with females measuring larger than males. 

Northern Black Widow:The northern black widow, Latrodectus variolus, is one of the most poisonous spiders in Pennsylvania. 

Magnolia Green Jumper:Magnolia green jumpers can leap around 3 to 4 times their body length, which is slightly shorter than most other jumping spiders.

Common House Spider:Parasteatoda tepidariorum is more widely known as the common house spider.

Broad-Faced Sac Spider:Trachelas tranquillus is more commonly known as the broad-faced sac spider.

Bridge Orb Weaver:The bridge orb weaver, Larinioides sclopetarius, is the second orb-weaver to make our list of spiders in Pennsylvania. 

American Nursery Web Spider:The American nursery web spider, Pisaurina mira, is the second arachnid in the family Pisauridae to make our list of spiders in Pennsylvania. 

American Green Crab Spider:The American green crab spider, Misumessus oblongus, belongs to the crab spider family Thomisidae. It is the only member of its genus, Misumessus. 

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