Top 10 States and Regions Where Armadillos Live

Texas:The armadillo is very common in Texas and is the state mammal of Texas. In Texas, armadillos are the most popular or have the highest quantity of their numbers.

Oklahoma:People who live in Oklahoma are used to seeing armadillos. They are pretty common across the state. They also frequently cause damage to homeowner’s lawns. 

New Mexico: New Mexico sightings have become less frequent. Recent activity in Texas gives people hope that these creatures will soon be returning to this state.

Missouri:Armadillos are not as widespread in Missouri as in other states. They are primarily found in the southern half of the state.

Mississippi:These creatures prefer to keep to themselves and try to limit their interaction with humans. Being a primarily nocturnal creature helps them to achieve this goal. 

Louisiana:Armadillos are also found throughout Louisana. They can most readily be found in areas with mature trees, such as forests.

Kansas:Another state where armadillos live is Kansas. Like other states on the list, Kansas has armadillos throughout the state.

Georgia:Armadillos exist in almost every county in Georgia, apart from the mountain counties. They are most common in central and southern Georgia.

Florida:Like Alabama, Florida met the armadillo when it expanded its territory from Texas. Today, armadillos are common throughout the entire state.

Alabama:Although not native to Alabama, armadillos have expanded to the area. They were first seen in Alabama around the 1940s when people thought they came from Texas. 

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