Top 10 Stunning Mountains In China

Namjagbarwa Peak:Namjagbarwa Peak is not easily accessible. It’s located in a remote area of Tibet next to the deepest gorge on Earth.

Mount Kailash:Mount Kailash is another sacred mountain in China, but it’s sacred to four religions not just one. 

Mount Huashan: Mount Huashan actually has five peaks, one in each direction, but it’s the highest peak which is the south peak that the mountain is the most famous for.

Mount Huanghan:Mount Huangshan is also known as the “yellow mountain” and it’s one of the loveliest mountains in China and in the world. 

Mount Everest:Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. Anyone who makes it to the top of Everest will be at the highest point on Earth.

Mount Emei:Mount Emei is the most sacred of the sacred Buddhist mountains in China.

Minya Konka:Minya Konka is less remote than some of the other mountains in China but it’s still quite an undertaking to climb it.

Meili Snow Mountain:The Meili Snow Mountain, or Prince Snow Mountain, is one of the prettiest mountains in China.

K2 Peak : K2 is the second tallest mountain in the world and it’s also in China. Actually it is in both China and Pakistan. 

Daocheng Sanshen Mountain:The three peaks are all snow covered mountains that are considered to be sacred in the Tibetan Buddhist faith. 

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