Top 10 Tallest Buildings Decorating the Portland Skyline

Wells Fargo Center:The Wells Fargo Center stands 546 feet tall. The structure is the tallest building constructed in Portland, and it’s the highest one built in the 1970s. 

U.S. Bancorp Tower:The U.S. Bancorp Tower opened in 1983, and it was the tallest structure built in Portland in the 1980s. 

The Ardea:The apartment building structure is 300 feet tall, and it is in the South Waterfront neighborhood of Portland, just a few blocks from the Willamette River. 

Standard Insurance Center:The Standard Insurance Center is the oldest building on our list of the tallest buildings decorating the Portland skyline. The structure opened its doors in 1970, and it is 27 stories high.

Park Avenue West:Park Avenue West is a 502-foot-tall building at 750 Southwest 9th Avenue. This structure first opened in 2016, making it the tallest building constructed between 2010 and 2020 in the city. 

PacWest Center:The PacWest Center stands 418 feet tall, making it one of the tallest buildings decorating the Portland skyline. This structure has 30 stories.

KOIN Tower:The KOIN Tower first opened in 1984, and it stands 509 feet tall. This skyscraper is a mixed-used building that contains both condos and commercial offices. 

Fox Tower:Fox Tower is a 372-foot-tall building located in downtown Portland. The structure opened in 2000, and it is a 27-story office building.

Cosmopolitan on the Park:The Cosmopolitan on the Park is a residential building that also goes by the name, The Cosmopolitan. This building is 340 feet tall, making it the tallest of any residential-only building in the city.

Block 216:Block 216 is a 35-story mixed-use building that measures 460 feet tall. This building usurped the spot for the fifth-tallest building when it opened in 2023.

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