Top 10 Tallest Buildings In Milwaukee 

University Club Tower:the University Club Tower is the tallest residential tower in Milwaukee. However, there’s a planned build that might dethrone the University Club.

U.S. Bank Center:At 601 feet high, the U.S. Bank Center is the state of Wisconsin and Milwaukee’s tallest building. It’s an impressive 42 floors high and was built in 1973.

Northwestern Mutual Tower :Built in 2017, the Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons is Wisconsin’s largest building by area and second-tallest building in the state.

Northwestern Mutual North Tower:When you mention the iconic Milwaukee skyline, you can’t forget the blue pyramid on the top of the Northwestern Mutual North Tower.

Milwaukee City Hall:At 353 feet and 15 stories high, Milwaukee’s city hall ranked as the city’s tallest building and tallest inhabitable building until newer buildings upset its place on the podium. 

Kilbourn Tower:The Kilbourn apartments and condominiums have stunning vistas out of their windows thanks to the building’s 380-foot high reach. 

Associated Bank River Center: Today, Associated Bank River Center has 28 floors, stands 426 feet tall, and was recently purchased for over $60 million. 

411 East Wisconsin Center:In 1985, the East Wisconsin Center completed the construction of a building with over 1,000 eight-ton precast concrete panels. It stands a whopping 408 feet tall.

100 East Wisconsin:100 East Wisconsin was completed in a quick two years of construction between 1987 and 1989. 

7Seventy7:Milwaukee’s 7Seventy7 residential high-rise, completed in 2018, feels like a city within a city. It has its own plaza, parking, and retail spaces, among other amenities.

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