Top 10 Toughest Dog Breeds in the World

Siberian Husky:Sled dogs are a rugged, athletic breed, born with strength, stamina, and the capacity to dive in for the long haul. In a nutshell, that’s the Siberian Husky.

Presa Canario:Docile and affectionate on the regular, especially around its family, when sensing danger, the Presa Canario is an aggressive and dangerous beast. 

Newfoundland:The dog hits up to 27 inches and weighs 150 pounds, so approach with caution. The largest Newfoundland got to 260 pounds and six feet nose to tail.

 Mastiff:Heavy-boned, massive, and weighing 200 pounds and up, the Mastiff is absotively one of the toughest dogs in the world. 

Jack Russell Terrier:There are no records that show how hunter John Russell created the Jack Russell, but she’s thought to be a cross between Beagles and Bull Terriers.

Irish Wolfhound:The Wolfhound’s history includes hunting the ginormous Irish elk, which reached six feet in height at the shoulder. No challenge for the Irish Wolfhound.

Great Dane:The leggy animal needs a good amount of exercise. Two daily brisk walks and an opportunity to burn off energy will help.

German Shepherd:This is a reliable animal and we dare say anyone who sees this pooch running at them with fangs evident is going to wonder how high he can jump and stay up there!

Chihuahua:She may appear to be a nervous little critter with those big eyes, but the Chihuahua is ready to face off with anyone who crosses her path.

Boxer:The Boxer has an expansive history as a working dog. Part of the modern bulldog breed, the bulldog’s patient, protective, and pound-for-pound is one of the strongest dog breeds. 

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