Top 10 Unique Mountains In Arizona

Superstition Mountains:The Superstition Mountains are a series of peaks that are very popular for hiking, biking, trail running, and camping.

Mount Lemon:Mount Lemmon is a great place to hike, trail run, and bike during the rest of the year.

Mount Baldy:Mount Baldy has some of the only real forests that can be found in Arizona. It’s kind of a desolate peak and the summit itself is rock.

Mingus Mountain:Mingus Mountain is part of the Prescott National Forest, where there are lots of places to hike, camp, fish, and enjoy the outdoors.

Kendrick Peak:There is a fire lookout on the summit of Kendrick Peak that is staffed every day so chances are when you do hike to the summit you won’t be alone up there.

Humphreys Peak:Humphreys Peak is the tallest mountain in Arizona. It’s a popular hiking and outdoor activity spot all year long.

Four Peaks:Four Peaks is a stunning mountain that has four peaks that sit outside the eastern edge of Phoenix. Four Peaks used to be an amethyst mine that was famous for producing top-quality amethysts.

Escudilla Mountain:Escudilla Mountain is part of the greater Escudilla Wilderness Area inside the Sitgreaves National Forest. 

Cathedral Rock Mountain: Cathedral Rock is an instantly recognizable mountain because it’s one of the most photographed mountains in Arizona. 

Camelback Mountain:Camelback Mountain is known for the unique shape of its peaks. The configuration of the peaks looks just like a camel in profile walking on the horizon.

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