Top 10 Wheat-Producing Countries in the World

United States:Almost every state in the US produces wheat, however, it is concentrated mainly in the Midwest and mountain states.

Ukraine:Ukraine is a leader in European and global grain production. The Russia-Ukraine war, however, has impacted the grain supply and production.

Russia:Wheat production in Russia accelerated when serfs became emancipated. Russia greatly increased production during this time and accounted for one-third of the world’s production.

Pakistan:Pakistani diets contain 60% wheat, which means that grain is an important part of their economy. The harvesting and production of wheat is extremely important for Pakistani food security. 

India:Wheat production in India started around 8000-6000 B.C. Over time, the production of the grain increased.

Germany:Germany’s climate has been the most attractive reason why agriculture thrives in the country. Barley, onions, and wheat grow fairly well all over the country, especially in southern Germany.

France:The northern half of France is the region that produces the most amount of wheat. Wheat and agriculture as a whole have had a huge impact on European integration and unity. 

China:The largest producer of wheat in the world is China, by no surprise. Wheat farming started around 600 A.D. during the Sui dynasty.

Canada:Colonists introduced wheat in Canada in the 1600s. Slowly, Canadian farmers saw the potential impact wheat had on food and decided to increase production.

Australia:Colonists introduced wheat to Australia in 1788 and steadily increased production during the 19th century. 

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