Top 10 Windiest Places in Canada

Winnipeg:Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba, is located near the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. Its location in the Canadian Prairies exposes it to strong winds.

Whitehorse:Whitehorse is the capital of Yukon and is situated in a valley surrounded by mountains. While not on the coast, it also experiences strong winds due to its unique topography.

St. John’s : is located on the northeastern coast of the island of Newfoundland. Its proximity to the North Atlantic Ocean exposes it to very strong coastal winds.

Regina:Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan and is located on the flat prairies of the Canadian Plains. Its geographical features contribute to its windy conditions.

Hamilton:Hamilton is located on the western tip of Lake Ontario, making it prone to lake-effect winds and weather patterns.

Grand Prairie:Grand Prairie is located in northwestern Alberta, and as the name suggests, is surrounded by flat prairies and agricultural land.

Churchill:Churchill is located on the shores of Hudson Bay in northern Manitoba. Its remote coastal location exposes it to powerful Arctic winds.

Cape St. Mary’s:It’s an exposed coastal area and therefore, has little to break the force of the prevailing winds from the Atlantic Ocean.

Calgary:Calgary is located in Alberta, near the eastern foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Similar to Whitehorse in Yukon, it experiences strong winds due to its proximity to the mountains and prairies.

Barrie : Barrie is situated on the western shore of Lake Simcoe in Ontario. Its location near a large body of water contributes to its windy conditions.

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