Top 11 Aggressive Dog Breeds

Rottweiler:Rottweilers are exceptionally powerful, large dogs that were originally bred to drive cattle.

Komondor:The hairy Komondor is probably the last thing you had in mind when you imagined an aggressive dog. However, these canines were bred for herding and protecting livestock.

Dogo Argentino:Dogo Argentinos are easily considered one of the more aggressive dogs out there. They are banned in several different countries, including the UK.

Doberman Pinscher:Doberman Pinschers tend to be very loyal to their families. Therefore, they often aren’t aggressive within their family – just with strangers and perceived threats.

Chihuahuas:Chihuahuas are far from dangerous, but they can be aggressive. Many Chihuahuas aren’t very confident due to how they were raised and their smaller size.

Bullmastiff:Bullmastiffs are known as “gentle giants,” and they do tend to be very gentle with their families. 

Boxer:Boxers are stereotypically considered friendly and bubbly. These traits do exist in Boxers to some extent, but their temperament varies to a surprising degree.

Belgian Shepherd:Belgian Shepherds thrive in police work and during sheepdog trials. Their dedication to their owners makes them wonderous working dogs.

American Bulldog:American Bulldogs are known for their strength and athleticism. They’re also known for being pretty friendly and can make great companions. 

Akita:Akitas were bred in Japan for their protective nature. They were still used as guard dogs until recently, and most lines have serious protective instincts.

Airedale Terriers:These large terriers originated in England in the Aire River Valley. These dogs were originally bred for hunting and pest control, so they tend to have a strong prey drive. 

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