Top 11 Coolest Animals You Can Find Roaming England

White-Tailed Eagle :England’s largest bird of prey is a rare sight indeed. Better known as a sea eagle, this majestic bird is one of the coolest animals in England. 

Slow Worm:This two-foot-long lizard is preyed on by birds, hedgehogs, and domestic cats, but it’s a master of escape. First, it will drop the last inch of its tail to make a quick getaway. 

Red Squirrel :Cute red squirrels are one of the coolest animals in England, but their story is a difficult one.

Red Kite :Red kites prefer to nest on tall tree branch forks and have a habit of decorating their nest with oddments such as litter, clothing, and toys they’ve scavenged.

Hedgehog:Hedgehogs live in compost heaps and hedgerows but increasingly in houses provided by homeowners.

Eurasian Beaver :English beavers were hunted to extinction over 500 years ago, but conservationists have brought them back to the wilds of England, specifically the Otter, Tay, and Knapdale Rivers.

English Longhorn:This is a large, docile cow that originated from Craven in England, where it was used as a draught animal. 

Bullfinch:England’s cool bullfinches are garden birds with a voracious appetite for buds. 

Basking Sharks:Basking sharks roam the coast of Cornwall, England, as they migrate between May and September. These cool sharks are the world’s second-largest fish, capable of reaching seven tons! 

Atlantic Puffin:Puffins live on England’s south coast in land-based burrows and hunt fish such as herrings from the nearby sea.

Adder: Adders eat amphibians, birds, and small mammals. You’re most likely to spot one in the south of England’s woodland glades or heathlands.

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