Top 11 Most Dangerous African Cities

Rustenburg, South Africa:Another South African city to make the list is Rustenburg City. The crime levels are exceedingly high here.

Port Elizabeth, South Africa:Bringing us to South Africa is the city of Port Elizabeth. This coastal area is a popular hub for tourists and is generally a beautiful place to live. 

Pietermaritzburg, South Africa:Kwa-Zulu-Natal is home to Pietermaritzburg. This large city has a very high crime rate and a wider variety of crimes compared to other cities.

Nairobi, Kenya:Another one of the most dangerous African cities is Nairobi. Located in Kenya, there are a lot of investments that occur in this major city. 

Mogadishu, Somalia:A town called Mogadishu in Somalia is on this list due to the exorbitant amount of human trafficking that takes place here.

Luanda, Angola:Next is Luanda, which is the capital city of Angola. It is not recommended for locals or tourists to travel alone at night throughout the city, as this is when most crimes take place.

Lagos, Nigeria :There are over 20 million people who call Lagos home. With a population that high, there’s no wonder why this city in Nigeria makes it on the list of the most dangerous African cities. 

Johannesburg, South Africa:The city has seen an increase in homicide, xenophobic attacks, and more in the low-income neighborhoods. 

Durban, South Africa:Yet another one of the most dangerous African cities is in Kwa-Zulu-Natal. Durban may be a beautiful coastal location that attracts tourists from all over the world, but this brings in plenty of crime. 

Cape Town, South Africa:Cape Town may be a beautiful location in South Africa, but there is plenty of crime here as well. In fact, Cape Town is known to have some of the most violent crimes in the world. 

Benghazi, Libya:The second place on our list of the most dangerous African cities is Benghazi. Located in Libya, the entire country has seen plenty of radical Islamic terrorism over the last decade. 

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