Top 11 Most Dangerous Insects in the United States

Yellowjacket: Most yellowjackets have a black and yellow striped abdomen, whereas others have red and black or black and white striped abdomens.

 Tarantula Hawks: The tarantula wasp stings the tarantula, paralyzing it, then drags it back to its nest to lay an egg on it. When the larva emerges, it burrows into the tarantula and eats it.

Saddleback Caterpillar :The caterpillar is pinkish brown to dark brown with a lime green “blanket” on its back and a circular “saddle” in the center of the blanket. 

Red Imported Fire Ant: They attack in large groups and can sting repeatedly. For small children and young or baby animals, this can be dangerous. 

 Mosquito :Mosquitos are responsible for the spread of dengue, malaria, chikungunya, and Zika virus outbreaks.

 Kissing Bug:They are black or dark brown with red, orange, or yellow around the perimeter of their bodies.

Human Bot Fly:They have a yellow face with a metallic blue abdomen and orange legs. The flies look like small bumblebees.

Helminths: The worms can feed on different parts of the body, including blood, which can cause anemia. They can also cause digestive issues and malnutrition. 

Deer Tick : Black legs and head with a round black spot behind the head and a chestnut brown for the rest of their body. The males have black legs and a dark brown body.

Bed Bug:They have a round, flat body with parallel lines and antennae. The bugs are a dark reddish brown, and when one is found, many others will also be there.

Asian Giant Hornet:The hornet has a large yellow-gold head with the same color banding with black around its abdomen. Their wings are translucent yellow.

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