Top 12 Amazing Trees Are the Rarest in the World

Waianae Range Pritchardia: Waianae Range pritchardia trees face habitat loss due to feral pigs, cattle grazing, competition with non-native plants, and military activity.

Three Kings Kaikōmako:The rarest tree in the world is the Three Kings Kaikōmako. It is endemic to the Manawatāwhi Islands, also known as the Three Kings Islands, of New Zealand.

Qiaojia Pine :The Qiaojia pine tree is native to the Yunnan province of China. These trees only exist in Qiaojia county of Yunnan, on the border of the Sichuan province. 

Monkey Puzzle:The monkey puzzle tree is a conifer species, meaning it makes cones for reproduction. Monkey puzzle trees are native to Chile and Argentina.

Longleaf Pine:The longleaf pine tree is a species of pine tree native to the southeastern U.S. Longleaf pine trees were once widespread in the southeastern U.S..

Giant Sequoia :The giant sequoia tree is native to the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California. Giant sequoias are the most massive tree species alive today.

Fraser Fir:The Fraser fir tree is a coniferous tree native to the Appalachian Mountains. One of the largest threats these trees face is the Balsam woolly adelgid, an invasive insect.

Florida Torreya:The Florida torreya is a yew tree endemic to northern Florida and southeastern Georgia. Like the Florida yew, Florida torreya trees are also a glacial relict. 

Coast Redwood:The coast redwood tree is native to the Pacific coast of the United States, ranging from the central coast of California to the southern Oregon coast.

Clanwilliam Cedar:The Clanwilliam cedar, or Clanwilliam cypress, is endemic to the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa. Clanwilliam cedars are experiencing population decline due to habitat loss.

Canary Islands Dragon Tree:The Canary Islands dragon tree is native to the Iberian Peninsula and western Africa. Specifically, this tree is found in Morocco, Madeira, the Canary Islands, and Cape Verde. 

Bastard Gumwood:Bastard gumwood trees are endemic to Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha. 

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