Top 12 Countries That Have Won the Most Olympic Medals

United States:The US has won 1,061 gold medals at the Summer Olympics and 113 at the Winter Olympics. 

Sweden:Sweden has only hosted the Olympic Games one time and that was in 1912 for the Summer Olympics held in Stockholm.

Soviet Union:In 1984, the Soviet Union decided to boycott the Olympic Games held in Los Angeles in retaliation to the US-led 1980 Olympic boycott. 

Norway:Norway has won 61 gold medals in the Summer Olympics and 148 gold medals in the Winter Olympics.

Japan:The first Olympic Games that Japan participated in was in 1912. Since then, the nation has gone to nearly every Olympic games.

Italy:Italy has participated in the modern Olympic Games since 1896, except for the 1904 Summer Olympics.

Great Britain:Great Britain has won 284 gold medals in the Summer Olympics and 12 gold medals in the Winter Olympics.

Germany:Germany has won 201 gold medals in the Summer Olympics and 104 gold medals in the Winter Olympics.

France: France has also hosted the Olympics five times — 1900, 1924 (twice), 1968, and 1992. They will host again in 2024, which will be held in Paris.

China:China’s participation in the Olympics started in 1952 as the People’s Republic of China. Before that, China competed as the Republic of China. 

Canada:Canada first participated in the Olympic Games in 1900, except for the 1980 Summer Olympics when they joined the United States in boycotting the games held in Moscow.

Australia:The Oceanic country has participated in every modern Summer Olympic Games, although in the 1908 and 1912 Games, they decided to compete as Australasia with New Zealand. 

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