Top 12 Most Dangerous Cities in South America

Sao Paulo, Brazil:Many people visit Sao Paolo because of its beauty. However, there are still high concerns about crime, such as muggings and property damage.

Salvador, Brazil:Salvador makes the list, continuing with Brazil. Its crime rate is 76.81, and its safety index rate is 23.19. It is one of the worst cities in Brazil for crime and among the top worst in South America.

Rosario, Argentina:Rosario is the only city from Argentina to appear on this list. Its crime index is 75.8, and its safety index is 24.24.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:Rio de Janeiro wins the award for the most dangerous city in Brazil and second-most dangerous in South America, with a crime rate score of 77.5 and a safety index of 22.53.

Recife, Brazil:Recife is a very pretty city. Regardless, it still has a high crime index of 76.10 and a safety index of 23.90. 

Porto Alegre, Brazil:Porta Alegre comes in with a crime index of 71.3 and a safety index of 28.7. Unfortunately, there are still high levels of crimes, with assault, muggings.

Lima, Peru:Peru is a beautiful country, and Lima is no different, with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Despite that, many elements of danger exist in this country.

Guayaquil, Ecuador:The United Kingdom reported that the most dangerous parts of the city are among the center and south sides. Additionally, there were also small explosions in March.

Caracas, Venezuela:Caracas is the most dangerous city in South America. Amazingly, it comes in with a crime rate of 82.6 and a safety index of 17.40. 

Campinas, Brazil:Campinas has a crime index of 82.6 and a safety index of 17.4. Moreover, Numbeo illustrates that the crime rate is incredibly high and has only increased over the last three years.

Cali, Colombia:Cali has a crime index of 71.0 and a safety index of 29.0. Unfortunately, the level of crime in Cali is still very high and has been getting worse in recent years.

Bogota, Colombia:This will be the first of two appearances for Colombia on this list. Yet, Bogota has its issues. The level of crime has been high and getting worse over the past three years. 

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