Top 12 Must-Visit Hiking Trails in Canada

West Coast Trail, British Columbia:The backcountry trek usually takes folks 6 to 8 days to trek through the rugged wilderness, landing them at Pacino Bay. 

The Crack Trail, Ontario:Along the Crack Trail of the park, you’ll find a moderately challenging 3.72 miles of out-and-back trail with exceptional views along an old logging road.

Skyline Trail, Nova Scotia: The easy trail takes most folks about 2 to 3 hours, with the boardwalk stretching along the entire route. 

Plain of the Six Glaciers, Alberta:The popular hiking trail accentuates the glorious beauty of the park. It takes you along its moderate hiking trail of 8.57 miles out and back.

Lion’s Head Trail, Ontario:This section covers 9.32 miles of glorious trail with shady forest and limestone cliff overlooks of the Bay. Beware, though, as no guardrails exist and you’re hiking over rocky terrain.

Lake Agnes and the Beehives, Alberta:The popular destination sits in Banff National Park and calls for hikers to go beyond just the casual hike at the Lake Agnes Teahouse. 

Kinney Lake and Berg Lake Trails:The trail heads out north of the Mount Robson Visitor Center and offers some of the most incredible views you’ll find in Canada. 

King’s Throne Trail, Yukon:The total out-and-back distance climbs some 8.9 miles up 4,500 feet at the top. 

Joffre Lakes, British Columbia:Joffre Lakes Provincial Park contains three incredibly turquoise lakes, surrounded by a 4.78-mile hiking trail that pretty much every hiker who’s visited raves over. 

Grey Owl Trail, Manitoba:Tucked into the Riding Mountain National Park, the Grey Owl Trail in Manitoba offers some incredible views and beautiful trekking opportunities.

Fundy Footpath, New Brunswick:While the name “footpath” may imply an easy, casual walk, the Fundy Footpath is actually a 30.6-mile (one-way) trek on difficult terrain.

East Coast Trail, Newfoundland: The trail showcases some of the most incredible natural beauty of the nation, along with many interesting stopovers along the way.

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