Top 12 Types of Ducks in North America

The Wood Duck:The wood duck is one of North America’s most stunning waterfowl. Males boast a mix of green and blue, a chestnut-breasted chest, and a black and white neck.

The Ring-Necked Duck:This North American native species is a medium-sized diving duck with a distinctive silhouette. The ring around its neck is often hard to see despite its name suggesting otherwise.

The Redhead: The male redhead showcases a gleaming chestnut-red head and neck, most notable during the breeding season, while its body is a mix of black and gray feathers. 

The Northern Pintail : Males are known for their chocolate-brown heads, white underbellies, grayish bodies, and a distinct white stripe running down each side of their neck.

The Mallard:The male mallard is distinguishable with its glossy green head, sharp yellow bill, and narrow white collar. 

 The Lesser Scaup:The lesser scaup is a medium-sized diving duck, also called the little bluebill or broadbill. This species is distinguished by its pebbled appearance in a mix of black, white, and gray.

The Greater Scaup:The greater scaup, also known as the “bluebill,” stands out among North American ducks due to its distinctive, brilliant blue bill.

The Common Goldeneye:This species also gets its name from its golden-colored eye. The men, with their gleaming golden eyes, contrast the brilliant white undersides, black wings, and the glossy green-black head.

The Canvasback:Their feathers start with a chestnut-red head and neck, black breast and tail feathers, as well as stunning white feathers on their backs. 

The Bufflehead:The bufflehead is the smallest sea duck species that graces the North American continent. If you’re wondering about their unusual name, it’s inspired by their rather sizeable, plump head.

The American Teal:This duck, also called the green-winged teal, is known for its swift flight, agility, and small stature. It has a distinctive mix of iridescent green and brown on its head.

The American Black Duck:The American black duck is often considered a bit of an enigma. These ducks are elusive and prefer to remain relatively hidden.

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