Top 9 Most Important Rivers in Spain

Tajo:The Tajo (or Tagus) River is an extremely important river in the Iberian Peninsula.

Segura:Located in southeastern Spain, the Segura River was a prominent river for the local area in terms of ensuring farmland was adequately irrigated.

Miño:The Miño River is located in Galicia and northern Portugal and has a length of 210 miles.

Manzanares: The Manzanares is small (only 57 miles), but it is extremely important. The Moors founded Madrid overlooking the river as a citadel to protect their empire. 

Jucar:The river flowed out rapidly and caused massive destruction, including killing more than 30 people. It is the biggest flood in Spain’s history.

Guadiana:This river spans an international border between Spain and Portugal. It is the fourth-longest river in the Iberian peninsula (at 483 miles) and it drains into the Gulf of Cadiz. 

Guadalquivir:The Guadalquivir River is one of the most important rivers in Spain and currently the only navigable river, as well. 

Ebro:The Ebro passes through many cities on its way to the sea including Zaragoza. Its drainage system contains an abundance of wildlife. 

Duero:The Duero (or Douro) River is a major river in the Iberian Peninsula. It starts in Duruelo de la Sierra, Spain, and flows into Porto, draining into the Atlantic Ocean. 

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