Tourette Syndrome

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No Cure - Although the disease has no cure, psychological treatments and deep brain stimulation (implantation of electrodes) can palliate it.

New Treatment - According to the newspaper O Globo, a new treatment is in the testing phase and may be launched soon It involves a watch-like device.

Travis Barker' - He was diagnosed in his childhood and has lived with this condition since then. In early 2024, Travis Barker's son Landon revealed that.

Seth Rogen - Seth Rogen has said over the past few years that marijuana use has helped him combat Tourette Syndrome and ADHD.

Affected Many Celebrities - Tourette's syndrome is an inherited neurological condition that causes physical tics, spasms, and involuntary movements.

Billie Eilish - Billie Eilish was filmed having some tics. Afterward, she explained that reactions usually don't come during concerts.

David Beckham - In David Beckham's life, Tourette's Syndrome led him to develop another condition, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder .

James Durbin - Singer James Durbin was diagnosed with Asperger and Tourette Syndrome after he lost his father as a child. 

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