Weirdest Acts in Eurovision History

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Who Signed off on That - Over the course of 68 editions, the occasional weird act has appeared at the Eurovision Song Contest. 

Dschingis Khan, West-Germany (1979) - they produced the act 'Dschingis Khan' of a West-German group with he same name while dancing exuberantly.

Telex, Belgium (1980) - Funnily enough, Belgian act 'Telex' is exactly what you'd expect from an early eighties band. They brought a synthesizer song with very few lyrics.

Guildo Horn, Germany (1998) - Guildo Horn was an idol among German youth and dared to enter the Song Contest dressed as a clown without makeup. 

In Eurovision History Act is Wierd - You have to come up with something to stand out. That's why Eurovision Song Contest acts take the stage with crazier clothes, choreography.

Stefan Raab, Germany (2000) - Stefan Raab wanted to follow in the footsteps of Guildo Horn and showed up with a golden outfit, a nod to disco styling.

Cezar, Romania (2003) - A Romanian artist dressed up as Dracula, Cezar obviously had to go into this list. His performance was of high vocal quality.

Lordi, Finland (2006) - Endure a lot of laughs, jokes and jeers with their Eurovision bid. Dressed as monsters and playing a heavy metal version of 'Hard Rock Hallelujah',.

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