Worst Concerts For Singers

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Christina Aguilera - In 2007 Super Bowl, not only pushed her voice to the extreme, making it difficult to hear, but she mixed up the words of American national anthem.

Whitney Houston - the diva appeared on stage as if she was in a trance as we all kind of knew, the star had serious problems with addiction.

Mariah Carey - New Year's concert in 2017 in New York when the soundtrack failed to start. Furious, Mariah Carey then refused to sing live.

Kelly Rowland - The public of the Haze nightclub in Las Vegas is not the quietest. So what did Kelly Rowland do? She started screaming her song from the first notes.

Fans Sue Over Late Concert Start - artists may not have been sued for their performances, some argue that they are among the worst performances in modern times. 

Katy Perry - The song had already begun ten seconds before Katy Perry mounted the stage. She then tried to lip-sync the tune, getting completely disoriented.

Beyonce - Incident could have been serious for the diva. As she descended from the stage to get closer to the audience, her long golden hair got stuck in one of the ventilators.

Vanessa Paradis - The singer arrived on stage without a microphone and began to lip-sync the song. Clearly, however, lip-syncing was not her talent.

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