What do Polar Bears Eat?

Polar bears are the premier bears globally and are the range 1 predator in the Arctic. Additionally, polar bears are the most significant land carnivores on the earth and are roughly 3.5 to 5 feet tall on all fours.

Grownup male polar bears are larger sized than girls, and when standing on their hind legs, they measure above 10 ft. That begs the issue, what do polar bears try to eat to become these kinds of outsized land and sea predators?

Obtain Out About the Polar Bear Diet plan

Polar Bear with just caught dead seal
Polar bears eat a food plan of ringed seals, bearded seals, carcasses, Narwhals, Beluga Whales, Walrus, Muskox, and numerous others.

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Polar bears take in a diet plan that consists of seals, carcasses, and greater maritime prey to hold up their well being in the severe Arctic atmosphere. They are predominantly meat-eaters but are regarded to be scavengers and will try to eat berries and seaweed if their food offer is low.

Seals are a substantial-energy food items source and a most loved food of many polar bears. Polar bears predominantly eat ringed and bearded seals but may well also gorge them selves on harp, hooded, and ribbon seals if absolutely nothing else is out there.

If the seal weighs 120 pounds or additional, this meal can provide the polar bear with up to 8 days’ worth of electricity. Whilst this may possibly seem like an adequate meal, polar bears want to take in a great deal extra than a 120-pound seal to preserve their reserves.

Entire Checklist of Foods That Polar Bears Consume:

Owing to local climate transform, the Arctic ice is melting faster. This sluggish destruction of their habitat leaves polar bears less time to hunt seals and maritime prey all through the spring when they are supposed to stock up on their unwanted fat reserves.

Due to the fact of their dwindling habitat, polar bears have been locating different foodstuff resources to compensate for the decline of looking time. For that reason, researchers have discovered that polar bears dietary supplement their meals sources by consuming other polar bears when their meals supplies run very low. These animals have also started consuming grass and maritime algae far more usually to endure.

How Do Polar Bears Hunt?

Can Bears Swim
Polar bear swimming underwater. Polar bears can swim for extended distances and steadily for many hours to get from one particular piece of ice to yet another, in amongst searching their prey.

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Most polar bears engage in the waiting around recreation when hunting for prey, specifically seals. In the slide, seals slice respiration holes into the ice utilizing their sharp claws. Polar bears wait patiently upcoming to breathing holes and attack the seal when it arrives up to breathe.

This searching process may perhaps look random and opportunistic, but polar bears are unbelievably intentional hunters as they locate the seals with their strong perception of odor. Waiting around for seals to surface for air is then an effortless way to capture their preferred food items.

Feminine polar bears with pups are identified to stalk the birthing lairs of seals. Ringed seals have shelters which are caves below snowdrifts following to a hole in the ice. They give start to their pups in these lairs in the course of the spring.

Polar bears wait around outside the house these hollows and demolish the roof with their hind legs, exposing the seal and pups. Woman polar bears with pups frequently use this hunting system as it can take significantly less electrical power and presents them and their pups with the correct large-fat food plan they will need for healthier expansion. 

Do Polar Bears Hibernate?

Polar bears do not usually hibernate, but women enter a state of carnivore lethargy, which is a variety of hibernation. Carnivore lethargy generally can take put from Oct/November right up until March/April. The female’s heart level slows down to approximately 27 beats for every moment for the duration of this period of time to conserve energy. Also, her human body temperature can fall to 95°F, and she fasts during this time, resulting in shedding most or all of her fat outlets.

Polar bears can enter carnivore lethargy and endure extended durations with no food items thanks to their extra fat merchants. These maritime mammals have a thick layer of extra fat that retains them warm and acts as a reserve meals source. Polar bears have considerable appetites and can try to eat 100 lbs of seal blubber in a single feed. If food stuff is plentiful, they may well at times only eat the seal fat.

Who Competes With Polar Bears for Food stuff?

Because of to climate transform, there has been a lessen in ice during the summer season period. When this occurs, polar bears generally try to eat marine mammal carcasses to make up for a decline of their meals resources. For example, in Alaska, polar bears take in bowhead whale carcasses that have been subsistence-harvested.

But if polar bears do not have this choice, they have to shift on to the land to go after other substantial prey and birds all through the summer months/slide open-h2o period of time. Polar bears then compete with grizzly bears for meals.

What Do Polar Bear Cubs Consume?

Polar Bear cubs drink mother’s milk up to four months.

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Polar bear cubs drink their mother’s milk, which is loaded in unwanted fat, for the 1st 3 to four months. Their very first strong meal is usually all over a few to four months when their mom hunts on the open ice for the initial time since supplying start. Polar bear cubs then consume portions of meat and seal blubber to supplement their weight loss plans.

The polar bear cubs study to hunt by observing their mom and generally get started hoping to stalk their prey in their initially calendar year. Their 1st several hunts are generally unsuccessful, but they become improved with follow. When polar bear cubs are two many years previous, they shell out 7% of their time hunting and can catch a seal about after a 7 days.

Are Polar Bears Harmful to People?

Whilst polar bears are frighteningly large, they are not as threatening to folks as you may possibly imagine. Mainly because their habitat is not ordinarily close to that of people, polar bear assaults are extremely scarce. The Wildlife Modern society Bulletin uncovered only 73 verified attacks concerning 1870 and 2014, displaying that they are a very low-level chance to us.

Nonetheless, attacks from polar bears have been climbing, with hungry male bears usually being the instigators. Because of to local weather transform, a decrease in habitat measurement, and food items offer, polar bear attacks on people have risen. Fortunately, these invasions into human territory and aggression are however sporadic.

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