10 Awesome Prince Rip-Offs

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D’Angelo, “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” (2000): Untitled" is one of D'Angelo's many homages to Prince.

Maxwell, “Fortunate” (1999): Neo-soul loved Prince ballads, that formidable line that stretches from "Do Me, Baby.

Beyoncé, “1 + 1” (2001): "1 + 1," co-written by The-Dream, is one of several Prince-influenced tracks in Beyoncé's catalog.

Shalamar, “Dancing in the Sheets” (1984): Shalamar moved fluidly with the sound of the times. 

Cherrelle, “I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On” (1984): Superproducing duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were known associates of Prince thanks to their time in the Time.

Natural Selection, “Do Anything” (1991): Minneapolis duo Natural Selection rode the buoyant beat and New Jack swagger of "Do Anything.

Beck, “Debra” (1999): This soul-ballad pastiche from 1999's Midnite Vultures begins with a JC Penney set piece and gets weirder from ther.

Zapp & Roger, “Itchin for Your Twitchin” (1985): Though "Itchin for Your Twitchin" appeared post-Purple Rain.

Ready for the World, “Oh Sheila” (1985): This popping 1985 single was neither by Prince nor about his frequent collaborator Sheila.

Phil Collins, “Sussudio” (1985): Sussudio" is another gem that revolves around the indelible synth line from Prince's "1999.

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