The 10 best national cuisines in the world

 Greek cuisine
Number two in the ranking of national cuisines is the Greek kitchen. The most loved ingredients and typical dishes are Rodamina Naoussas , Saganaki , and Dakos.

Spanish cuisine
Spain and its typical products win the bronze medal, thus reaching the third position.

Japanese cuisine
Japan is fourth on this list, and that's understandable, given its foods like Ikura , Kobe beef, Ramen, and Karaage.

 Indian cuisine
It makes the fifth position, thanks to - among others - these dishes and ingredients: Garam Masala, Ghee, Malai , Garlic Naan , and Keema .

 Mexican cuisine
Among the best cuisines in the world, according to TasteAtlas users, we find Mexican cuisine in sixth place.

 Turkish cuisine
The seventh position is for Turkish cuisine. TasteAtlas users were fascinated by Kaymak (a kind of cream), Afyon sausage, Aydın fig, Cağ Kebab, and honey cream.

 American cuisine
It's not chain restaurants like McDonald's or Kentucky Fried Chicken that bring the US to its eighth place in the ranking of the best cuisines in the world.

 French cuisine
While it usually has an excellent reputation in popular culture, French cuisine only makes it to the ninth position in the standings.

 Peruvian cuisine
Tenth in the ranking of cuisines in the world we find Peruvian food. The most popular dishes are tiger milk (leche de tigre), cocona (a fruit of the citrus family), and ceviche.

 Italian cuisineThe best national cuisine according to Taste Atlas is... Italian! And let's face it.

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