10 Best TV Episodes

Heading 1

Twin Peaks: Landing at the exact midpoint of a 16-episode season, Twin Peaks: The Return‘s eighth installment.

The Handmaid’s Tale: Late” offers a gut-wrenching view into what happens to those who don’t conform in Margaret Atwood’s.

Better Call Saul: Better Call Saul has never been a courtroom drama – but it is a show about lawyers, and “Chicanery.

GLOW: After one of their practices, the G.L.O.W. ladies discover that they’re all on the same menstrual cycle. 

Bojack Horseman: This season’s penultimate episode takes us inside Beatrice Horseman’s mind and gives viewers.

The Good Place: What was the funniest half-hour of television of 2017? The answer: a clever commentary on the very structure.

American Bitch: Like many of Girls‘ most acclaimed installments, this one’s a bottle episode, isolating writer.

I Love Dick: You don’t necessarily have to watch the rest of this Amazon series to prep for “A Short History of Weird Girls.

Better Things: Pamela Adlon’s extraordinary FX sadcom does a variation on the Huck-Finn-overhearing-his-own-funeral.

Master of None: A coming-out tale told over seven holiday dinners that spans three decades (hurtling through time rather.

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