10 Birds That Can Not Fly

Also known as the owl parrot due to its owl-like features, the kakapo is a large species of flightless parrot. Endemic to New Zealand, kakapos rank as the largest parrots in the world.

The ostrich is the largest member of the ratite infraclass Palaeognathae and the most massive extant bird. Due to their massive size, their puny wings mean they rank among the birds that can’t fly.

The emperor penguin is one of the most recognizable birds that can’t fly in the world. Emperor penguins live only in Antarctica and split their time between the coasts and inland.

Steamer ducks get their name from their habit of flapping their wings and feet when in the water. This behavior can make them look like a paddle steamer boat to the casual observer.

Another flightless bird from New Zealand, the Weka is part of the rail family. Also known as the woodhen or Māori hen, there exist four different subspecies, although this is hotly debated.

The cassowary is another member of the long-legged, flightless ratites. Three extant species range throughout New Guinea, northern Australia.

Also known as the Galapagos cormorant, the flightless cormorant is unique among birds that can’t fly. It’s the only cormorant species that is unable to fly.

The emu is the second-largest member of the ratites and extant species of bird in the world. They stand between 59 to 75 inches tall and weigh from 40 to 132 pounds.

An international symbol of New Zealand, kiwis are the smallest member of the ratites.Among the birds that can’t fly, kiwis adapted some unique features that set them apart.

Also known as the South Island takahē or notornis, the takahē is native to New Zealand. The largest extant member of the rail family, it’s one of the rarest birds that can’t fly in the world. 

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