10 Breakfast Recipes for Better Focus and Brain Health

 Peanut Butter Bliss BallsThis is another recipe for those who are typically in a rush in the morning or who might otherwise forego breakfast. 

Smoked Salmon Avocado Toast This recipe offers a double dose of brain boosters.

 Almond and Yogurt Cereal Your brain is super susceptible to oxidative stress, especially as you age. 

Avocado Smoothie BowlAn avocado a day keeps the brain fog away. That's because avocados are full of powerful antioxidants including lutein, which is linked to better cognition.

 Berry White Bean Smoothie White beans offer plant-based protein as well as fiber to this smoothie, which has even more fiber thanks to the berries.

Baked Egg MuffinsThey're not made with wheat, so they're not high in carbs, but they do offer you choline, healthy fat and protein .

Eggs are an excellent source of choline, a nutrient used to make acetylcholine.

Coconut Pomegranate Smoothie Adding pomegranate juice to your morning routine might be one way to support a sharp mind. 

 Nut Butter Overnight Oats it has two ingredients that are full of nutrients good for your brain, namely nuts and oats.

This parfait is the perfect way to jumpstart your brain in the morning. 

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