10 Breathtaking Waterfalls in Arizona

 Beaver Falls Although Beaver Falls is a challenging climb, the breathtaking beauty is well worth it. 

 Mooney Falls There is no doubt that it is the highest waterfall on the reserve, with a drop of almost 190 feet.

Navajo Falls in Supai, Arizona, is one of the most popular waterfalls in Arizona.

The word ‘Havasupai’ refers to people living near blue-green waters. A natural component of Havasu Creek has dissolved calcium carbonate and magnesium

 Fossil Creek Falls Enjoy one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Arizona with a 25-foot drop to leap off. 

The Madera Canyon Waterfall in Arizona is one of nature’s best-kept secrets and for good reason.

Seven Falls The region offers a dense forest with cascading water that drops into a huge pool where hikers can cool off.

Deer Creek Falls There are also several companies in the surrounding area that provide rafting tours to the waterfall for those who wish to see it in a hurry.

Cibecue Falls There is an elevation gain of over 220 feet as you progress on the hike. Get ready to get soaked as you hike between banks and boulders to reach this 30-foot waterfall.

Grand Falls One of the most distinctive features of Grand Falls is the murky water that flows over 185 feet from the top of the Little Colorado River to the pool below.

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