10 Candidates for Miss Universe 2023

1. Angola - Swelia da Silva Antonio: Swelia is proud to be the first in her family to graduate from university, earn a master's degree and be fluent in a third language.

2. Argentina - Barbara Cabrera: Barbara Cabrera has her own fashion brand and dreams of expanding her fame throughout Latin America.

3. Armenia - Kristina Ayanian: This candidate works vigorously to achieve excellence as a musician and philanthropist. She uses her partcipation in Miss Universe to advocate for gender equality.

4. Aruba - Kiara Arends: Kiara Arends holds a Bachelor's Degree in Law with a specialization in the business and tax areas.

5. Australia - Monique Riley: Monique Riley is a self-defense coach. She teaches women skills to establish healthy physical and emotional boundaries. 

6. Bahrain - Evlin Khalifa: This candidate is a pianist and taekwondo fighter. She dreams of the day when Arab women are more represented in international media.

7. Belgium - Chayenne Van Aarle: Chayenne Van Aarle is a singer, actress and presenter. She also holds a degree in Public Relations and specializes in organizing weddings.

8. Belize - Ashley Lightburn: Ashley Lightburn is a professor of mathematics at the University of Belize and a banker. 

9. Bhutan - Tashi: Miss Bhutan makes the country's debut in the contest. The candidate is a member and advocate of the LGBTQIAP+ community.

10. Bolivia - Maria Camila Sanabria Pereyra: Maria Camila Sanabria has a degree in Business Administration.