10 Celebrities' Vintage Doppelgängers

10. Helen Mirren (1970) and Jennifer Lawrence: From their big eyes to their full cheeks, it's hard to tell the difference.

9. Ali MacGraw (1969) and Kendall Jenner: People have often compared model Kendall Jenner to the '70s actress Ali MacGraw, and it's clear why.

8. Tom Selleck (1974) and Ian Somerhalder: A pre-mustache Tom Selleck reminds us a lot of The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder.

7. Mick Jagger (1968) and Harry Styles: Harry Styles takes after the legendary Rolling Stones singer in the looks department.

6. Burt Reynolds (1966) and Mark Ruffalo: Sure, Mark Ruffalo and Burt Reynolds are both immensely talented and notoriously laid-back actor.

5. Paul Newman (1963) and Ansel Elgort: Both actors share the same full lips and jawline that gives them their movie star looks.

4. Sandra Dee (1958) and Carey Mulligan: Between Sandra Dee and Carey Mulligan's pale complexions, full cheeks, and almond eyes, the two actresses could not be more alike.

3. Robert Redford (1970) and Brad Pitt: From their floppy blonde hair to their chiseled jawline, it's easy to see why they were the heartthrobs of their respective generations.

2. Joan Fontaine (1940) and Chloë Grace Moretz: Both Joan Fontaine and Chloë Grace Moretz started acting as children.

1. Joan Crawford (1946) and Kate Winslet: Joan Crawford was famous for her high arching brows, which she popularized in the '40s.

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